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    Duncan Rawlinson

    Great first assignment.

    This assignment was meant to get you thinking artistically while allowing you to play around with the technical components of your camera. You’ve effectively managed to turn a poorly composed photograph of a fence into one which embodies shape, organization and a rhythm.

    What I would like to point out to you however, is in your first photograph of the fence and the grass. Notice how the grass near the bottom of the photograph is “blow out” (i.e. overexposed)? It’s causing the grass to look white instead of green. This is a color distortion and had to do with the type of natural lighting, the time of day (i.e. hard lighting) and the fact that most digital cameras have a hard time dealing with such a wide range of contrast.

    The reason I bring this up, is because it’s hard to see these distortions in your view finder due to it’s small size. You often only notice them when it’s too late. The only practical work around is to understand your cameras system by using it over and over again and making mistakes like this. You’ll soon learn under what conditions it works best and you can then take photographs with these considerations in mind.

    But other than that, you did exactly what this assignment asked of you! Great work.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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