Beauty and Beast

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    Ok here is my first assignment. I like my first photo but the second was a problem.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Great assignment.

    I must say, your approach is very unique. Most of the other assignments submitted for this lesson generally use perspective to help in the creation of “beauty”. Generally speaking, by changing your perspective and moving in closer you can better control colors, lines, lighting, composition and so on. However, although it’s generally easier to move in closer and engage in micro or close up photography, it’s also limiting from a composition standpoint. Therefore, I like how you’ve decided to change your photographic details rather than your perspective.

    Both photographs have virtually the same composition. However there are a few areas I would like to draw your attention to. Most of the changes I would recommend you make are small changes, but as the phrase goes “the devil is in the details”. In your second photograph I love how you’ve pulled out a little more texture in the contrast between the bread and melting butter. Your audience can virtually “taste” the buns and “feel” their freshness. One of the greatest accomplishments of photography is that it allows photographers to play with senses beyond the visual elements of the medium.

    I would consider changing the crease in the background to make it invisible. Either using an iron or changing the position of the cloth so the background is seamless. I find the crease distracting. Similarly, your image is very balanced. What about changing your composition and moving the plate off to one of the sides or changing the arrangement of the buns to give the image a less formally balanced look. I think you’ll find it will make the photograph slightly more dramatic and engaging.

    Other than that, great work!


    Good day.
    Thank you very much glad you enjoyed the pictures. Yes the Devil is in the details. Before doing this project I viewed some of the other students work and took your suggestions and used them to my bennifet.
    Thank you

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