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    Hi there!

    Thanks very much for the positive feedback so far! It encourages me a lot to continue and to improve my skills. 😛

    I did take my camera underwater now and it works pretty good. It was a shallow dive with trying the housing, etc. This is what it looks like (housing with camera being neutrally buoyant). Next Saturday we will go for the deeper dive and will mount the strobe.

    Now back to business. I did not have many experiences with B&W photography except for portrait shots and people in general. In any case I wanted to try something new as you can see…. 😉


    Duncan Rawlinson

    Hi Michael,

    I was not aware that underwater cameras are neutral buoyancy. I don’t have much experience with underwater photography but I hope to learn. Maybe you can teach me?!

    Is this a turkey?

    Honestly there isn’t much room for improvement on your image.

    The composition of the frame feels a bit tight but that’s ok. Also, if you have or had access to a medium format camera with a square aspect ratio that might have looked nicer.

    The tonal range is good and you clearly know what it means to shoot in black and white.

    Two thumbs up here.

    Nice work.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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