Color Theory

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    As you can see, it was hard for me to narrow down my selections for this lesson. I look forward to reading your comments.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    All three of these shots accomplish what was asked from you for this assignment. I also appreciate how each photograph uses a distinct, yet equally impressive and coordinated color palette.

    The color palette of your first image is monochromatic and composed of gradients of green. Beyond the color (which is a primary photographic element), you’ve also used lines in this image to help add more complexity to the composition. The vertical lines in the background and the diagonal lines in the foreground help break up the composition and ensure your image it’s seen as too flat or boring.

    Your second image is the most simple of the three. The colors are spectacular and you’ve used a two color palette of gradients of blues and oranges. The balance of this image is great. You’ve shown your commitment to attention to detail and it pays off. My concern with this image is that it lacks a “stopper”. My eyes wander into the image and then quickly out. Nothing really holds my attention. This is a common issue with simplified sunset compositions.

    Your last image is undoubtedly my favourite. It’s the most complex and chaotic but you’ve still managed to work with a simplified color palette. This is what I hope you can accomplish more and more as time passes. You’ve effectively organized chaos and you’ve done so in a large geographic space. What an accomplishment!

    In this image the birds act as “stoppers”. They hold my attention when my eyes aren’t exploring the rest of the photograph. My only concern with this image is the slightly slant in the horizon line. It appears to slant very subtly down towards the right. Your horizon line in your sunset image above is near perfect. If you had the horizon balance of your second image in your third image, you’d have a perfect image on your hands.

    I love the atmosphere created through the light shining through the clouds. Spectacular.

    Great work.

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