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    I hope I have done what was asked with this photograph.


    I was juste wondering if there is a problem with this picture

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Hello and sorry for my late reply. I didn’t see the new post in this section.

    Let me begin by saying excellent photograph. The shot exhibits exactly what was asked from you in this assignment. Your goal was to limit the array of colors that made up your shot and you’ve accomplished that along with some more subtle and interesting color techniques as well (I’m not sure if these were intentional or not, so I’ll highlight them).

    From a color standpoint you’ve chosen to limit the main colors of the photograph to green and yellow. Both colors are fairly balanced in their display. Each color takes up roughly 50% of the pixels in the shot. This makes both of your colors “primary” colors.

    However, you’ve incorporated two interesting highlights. The first highlight is the bee which has slightly different coloring. Not only that but the bee also acts as the primary subject of the photograph. More interestingly however is the white highlights in the blades of grass. It appears the sun was hitting some of the green leaves in this photograph in such a way that caused a nice white highlight. The white plays a secondary role in the photograph but it adds a very nice color touch and gives the photograph a more complex look. It’s not flat and boring, there is a lot going on in this photograph.

    Equally as impressive is the fact that you’ve incorporated the theories learnt from previous lessons in this photograph. Your composition is based off the rule of thirds, you have great shutter speed and aperture control and your object framing is perfect. There is no amputation or distracting elements anywhere. Great work!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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