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    Duncan Rawlinson

    SO sorry for the slow reply.

    We’re in Australia shooting photos.

    We hope to get to this in the next few days.

    Our apologies.


    This one did not get critiqued. Thank you.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Sorry I missed this one!

    The assignment:

    This assignment will have you prove that you understand how to simplify a photograph using color as your primary element. You can choose to use any type of color simplification process but the point is to limit the array of colors which make it into your photograph. You can choose to shoot a color highlight photograph, a monochromatic photograph or a photograph which uses just analogous colors or complimentary colors. The point is that you just don’t point and click at any colors you wish. See colors in your world and know how to separate them to create a visually appealing photograph.

    What you’ve chosen to do is submit two images. Take a minute and look at where the colors appear on this chart:


    You’ve done exceedingly well at picking colors that work well together.

    In your first image you haven’t simplified as much as you could though. The crooked white post in the bkg is distracting and takes away from the image. The goal of simplification is not simplicity for the sake of simplicity, it’s to make people look at and focus on what you want them to. In this case, the tomatoes not the big white thing in the back.

    In your second image the colors are quite analogous which is good. Also the image is quite simple so you’ve done well there. But don’t forget about the basics! The apple itself appears to be out of focus. The image could also be composed a little better.

    Overally you’ve achieved the goals of the assignment but you must keep in mind other basics of photography like composition and focus as well.

    See you on the next assignment ❗

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