December 2011 Competition Theme: Anything Goes!

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    Duncan Rawlinson

    The competition for December 2011 has begun!! 🙂 😮
    (better late than never!)


    Each student is allowed to upload ONLY 1 photograph for this competition.

    For this competition you need to put a bit of thought into creating a nice composition. You can achieve this in camera with natural environments, studio lighting or through editing (or any combination of those things). Our main priority here is that the photo(s) are awesome! There is no theme this month. Just submit any photographs that you’ve taken recently that you like! You can interpret that however you’d like!

    Don’t forget to use creative elements such as: patterns, spectacle, color grading, wardrobe, make-up, texture etc. Or really anything you can think of.

    Good luck and get your submissions in before the end of December 2011!

    Have fun! 😀

    To submit your photo click the reply button!

    Duncan Rawlinson

    As always, I cannot win the competition but here is my entry.



    This photo was taken during sunrise on a foggy morning along the Chesapeake Bay. I adore the haziness and color.
    [attachment=0:21dpwypa]Derek print.jpg[/attachment:21dpwypa]


    ok, something different… but you said that anything goes…


    Hey there!

    Hope you all had a great Christmas time! Here is my photo taken in November in Mexico… 😉



    Michael, WOW! that’s an awesome picture!!!

    I myself,have been out of commission for a few months. I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things again! So, what’s the competition theme for January???

    Wishing you all a Happy New Year!!!

    Duncan Rawlinson

    I’m really sorry for the slow reply here guys! It’s been a busy time with the whole new website etc.

    I’m not going to pick a winner this month because we’re already almost halfway through January. Maybe you guys can tell each other what you think?

    I really like Michael’s image of the shark.

    The image of the people dancing is interesting although I’ve never been able to really enjoy images that are out of focus. Even if they’re done for creative reasons…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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