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    This is my photographs for lesson 11.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Wonderful series of photographs. The assignment only called for 1 photograph to be submitted so I’m going to focus my review on your first photograph entitled “dream”. The name of the photograph parallels the emotional response your viewer’s receive after looking at the image. The highly saturated, high contrast, slightly lopsided, blurred and ambiguous image tells a very dream like story. The editing gives the image a very disjointed feel. At first glance the image appears to be wild image with harsh light glares and an almost space like environment. However, at second glance the image appears soft, composed of two friends spending time together on a beach. The interpretive possibilities are plentiful.

    It reminds me of the film Tarkovsky film “stalker” because he uses real environments where nothing bad is actually happening, but the story is actually a science fiction, but all of the science is imagined by the audience, but supported through audio (more than visuals). It’s a very interesting film made by one of the best filmmakers. Your image reminds me of that film slightly because of the contradiction in interpretation.

    You can see a trailer for the film here:

    From a compositional standpoint the image is great. I’m particularly drawn towards the leading line you use to draw your audience into the photograph. The washed up debris (shoreline) coming in from the bottom left corner acts as a very unique but helpful leading line.

    The position of the horizon near the top of the image and the secondary character off to the side help give the image an informal and dramatic visual balance.

    Great work on this image!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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