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    Hi all,

    I used a polarizing filter for this shot. My favorite part of the polarizer is that it darkens the sky and warms colors nicely.


    Duncan Rawlinson

    Great use of the polarizing lens. This lens is great because it helps pick up and often amplify the magnificence of the blue in the sky. It also helps get rid of any glare on non metal surfaces (such as water, someone’s glasses, windows etc). It’s one of the most important filters to have on you at all times.

    From the standpoint of using the filter, you’ve done a great job. The blue in the sky is brilliant. It’s incredibly dark and vibrant which wouldn’t have been the case without the use of this filter. In fact, many digital cameras (more so than film cameras) have a hard time adjusting to properly deal with contrast. The result is that your sky often appears “washed out”. It’s not uncommon for the blue skies in digital photographers to appear almost white. This is why a polarizing lens is incredibly important. It helps breath life back into your sky.

    From a composition standpoint, your photograph is also well done. You’ve used the rule of thirds to compose your photograph and you’re placement of the objects is well done because you haven’t “amputated” any important part of the photograph. You’ve also limited the colors and simplified the photograph by using a lot of negative space.

    That being said, from an artistic standpoint I think you could enhance your photograph by including more interesting objects. From a technical standpoint you’re showing a strong understanding of the concepts, which is great and very hard to master, but from an artistic standpoint you need to think about “communication”. What point are you trying to make? What story are you trying to tell?

    Photography is a type of visual story telling. You now need to use your technical skills and incorporate them into storytelling. This will help fuel your photographs with an identifiable perspective or story.

    Overall, very good work! I look forward to seeing your next assignment.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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