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    Assignment # 4

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Great assignment. The blue in the sky really pops out in this image. Your composition in very good but I would make 1 minor change (to be discussed in the next paragraph). However, I want to point out some of the highlights of this image.

    For starters the balance of the image is spectacular. You’ve used the rule of thirds to compose the image. Not only that put your upper 2/3rds use negative space and the shape of branches to simplify the majority of the image. On a similar note, the image, although busy of full of objects, is incredibly easy to look at because you’ve managed to narrow down your color palette and use predominantly greens and blues in your image. Even the snow has a blue hue to it which helps visually tie it in to the rest of your image.

    My only 2 recommendations are that you be careful of the amputation of primary objects and you try incorporating depth into your images with stronger foregrounds, middle-grounds and backgrounds.

    Notice the right wall of your photograph cuts off a small tree. You’ve almost included the entire tree, but you’ve cut off just a small portion of the right side of it. I find this a little visually distracting and accidental looking. Be extra cautious of your 4 walls at all times. The trees in the background are fine because they act as more of a backdrop and would be considered secondary elements. However, that one tree because it is separated in terms of depth from the background becomes a primary object that more attention is placed.

    In terms of depth it would be nice to see you play around with stronger foreground objects. This is often the key to good landscape photographs. Try experimenting with depth of a strong foreground the next time you go out with your camera.

    Other than that… Great work!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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