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    “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”
    (Aaron Siskind)

    As a photography student, I think back to who was the first to interest me in photography. The first person that had me picking up my camera every chance I had, to capture all the beautiful moments, was my daughter. From the time I brought her home and presently still today. Three years later, I now have two beautiful daughters. I find myself trying to capture the moments the way I see them. I would like to be able to bring their character and emotion to my pictures. Pictures are memories. If lost, the memories may be forgotten. When asked which famous photographer inspired me as an artist, it would have to be Anne Geddes.

    Anne Geddes was born in Australia and is a self-taught photographer. She started doing photography in her back yard, aspirating of being well known portraits photographer in her town. She soon realized which subjects she wanted to concentrate on. Anne Geddes is known and is famous for her stylized depiction of babies and motherhood. Her work is seen in many places, calendars, cards and posters. She was once told by a London editor that she would have to broaden her portfolio. But her love of babies and photography has been successful. She has become famous because of her strong belief in the appeal of her subject and her evolving ability to capture them in new and interesting ways. Babies make people smile.

    The photograph created by Anne Geddes which played an importance to me is a simple black and white portrait of a tiny premature baby being caressed by a gentleman’s hands. In my eyes it symbolizes fragility yet reassurance. The infant compared to the hands really emphasizes how small the infant is. You can see that the infant is in gentle, caring and loving hands. The softness in which the hands are holding the infant is seen because the infant sleeps softly in them. This photograph is simple yet beautiful. What I believe helps its simplicity, is that it is in black and white. The dark hair from the infant really helps attract the eyes and bring attention to the face. Then it allows you to move through the rest of the photograph. This photograph reminds me that babies are truly a miracle.

    The themes I interpret in her photographs are innocence, purity, life and love. Every child is special. To be able to photograph a new born and portray innocence and its meaning of a new life is inspiring to me. I, as a “photographer”, would like to be able to integrate that into my pictures while developing my own style. The ability to add character, emotion and thought to a picture would add life and interest to my portraits.
    A photograph is a collection of techniques, lighting, composition and more. I look forward to learning and implementing what I am taught into my photographs.

    Julie-Anne Young

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Great perspective. Thank you for your sharing your ideas and interest within the realm of photography. It’s truly a pleasure to learn from other photographers interests. I’m sure the other people who have read your short report will agree. I look forward to seeing your next practical assignment in the student community!

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