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    When I was in school I usually didn’t do my work, I just made stuff up that looked as though I knew the material. The subjects I was forced to write about were subjects I was not into. This is an easier assignment since it merely my point of view.
    I have always had a passion for photography. I looked to Edouard Boubat for inspiration when doing portraiture. His views always spoke out to me. (It might have something to do with him hanging out with some of my favorite artists) Boubat liked to capture people as they were. Instead of having them pose he would take pictures in the moment. Similar to the way Edgar Degas painted, Boubat caught the most intimate moments of people.
    Edourd Boubat was a Frenchman who originally began studying typography and graphic arts. After going through World War II he picked up photography as a true hobby and life work. He once said “Because I know war… because I know the horror, I don’t want to add to it… After the war, we felt the need to celebrate life, and for me photography was the means to achieve this.” A quote I like to live by. Most of his work is done in black in white and although there is that absence of color, a bright essence hits your soul out of the photograph.
    One piece that I immediately fell in love with was “Remi Listening to the Sea” (the image I have attached). It reminded me of being a kid; grabbing a seashell from my room and just listen to the sound Remi discovered. He has really pushed me as an artist and a photographer. I have started a photography project in my city. I document children with their parents who are battling cancer (whether it is the parent or child). It is hard to pose kids especially ones with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or just hyper. It is easier to stand back and just catch the action in a moment. Most of the research I have done was looking at the composition of Boubat. I didn’t want to imitate him but carry on his thought of celebrating life. By capturing these memories frozen in time, like Boubat, it provides them a celebration of life in a time that families may feel that they are in a dark place.
    The real reason I enjoy his work is for the love of life portrayed in the photographs. You can feel the emotions through the black and white images. It is usually rather hard to really feel emotion through a two dimensional object, especially when the subjects faces aren’t even shown. I want to be able to convey emotion through all of my photographs. I hope by embarking in this course I can pursue the project I have started at a higher and more moving level.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Excellent assignment!

    I don’t know much about Édouard Boubat but that doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you learn from him and find out exactly what inspires you in photography!

    The goal of this assignment is really just to make you think. To make you think about what you like in photography and what inspires you in photography. If you can narrow down what you really enjoy about taking photos you will be able to continue shooting with passion. Also it really helps to know who and what came before you.

    Your piece is both thoughtful and creative.

    You’ve done very well on this assignment.

    What’s important here is to keep Édouard Boubat in the back of your mind when you’re shooting.

    Also please tell me more about your photo project!

    See you on assignment 3.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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