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    Here is my first assignment submission: A simple tube of cleaning wipes, which is then unleashed upon the world.


    Duncan Rawlinson

    Hi Willie!

    Welcome to the student forum!

    Sorry for the slow critique on your first images.

    Did you confirm that you are on the email list by clicking on that link?

    Also, are you on twitter? If so follow:

    If you could add your twitter username in a response here that would be great. (so I can add you to the twitter list)

    If not no worries!

    Also you can edit your forum signature and add your pic here.

    Onto the critique…

    Now the first assignment is all about finding something mundane and making it look fascinating.

    You’ve found something quite boring. More importantly you’ve tried to do a few things to make it look interesting.

      You’ve changed the angle of your composition
      You’ve cleared up the background
      You’ve beautified your subject
      You’ve used a relatively shallow depth of field.

    All of this is great. In fact it’s really great. You’ve already taken steps to start seeing the world through the eyes of a photographer.

    To improve this specific photograph you’d want to do a few things.

    For one, you’ll want to set the white balance on your camera to match the current lighting scenario. Is it fluorescent lighting or tungsten or something else?

    Add light. For a product photo like this you’ll want to add lots of light. In fact you should take a look at this video tutorial that I just found on youtube about this very subject:

    Beyond that you’d want to ensure that the product itself is in focus.

    I’m not sure if you wanted to do a full on “product” shot or not but either way you’ve made this mundane item look more interesting.

    Now try to do this with everything when you shoot!

    Overall you’ve done well for your first assignment.

    See you on the next assignment.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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