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    here I am again. 😀

    I have to confess that I do much more hard light photos that soft light ones. Anyway, I have tried several sets and the one with the rose attached is one I like. I guess when it comes to BW photography I will add some more as I got already some ideas.

    Besides, I still could not test the underwater housing but will do next weekend… 😛


    Duncan Rawlinson

    Hi Michael! 🙂

    Nice to see you on the forum again.

    As usual you have submitted some delightful photographs.

    Here are some notes:
    [attachment=1:dynffpav]IMG_2003 – 2 – notes.jpg[/attachment:dynffpav]

    1: Motion Blur… In an image of this clarity and beauty you will want to avoid any kind of motion blur. Take note of what the wind is doing and if you must wait for no wind or shielf your subject from the wind.

    2: Dark spots… In such a harsh lighting situation you will have hot spots and dark spots. In a photo like this you can use a bounce / reflector / or flash to ‘fill’ the dark spots.

    3: DoF contol… Be aware of your depth of field. It appears as though this area is right on the edge of being in focus. Sometimes when you look at a small version of your image you can’t tell (like on your camera’s display) given that you might want to give yourself some extra room to work with by increasing your depth of field.

    4: Excellent… This part of the frame is pure bliss. It is fantastic!!!

    [attachment=0:dynffpav]IMG_2486 – 3 – notes.jpg[/attachment:dynffpav]

    1: Reds… I’m not sure why but for some reason reds that are this powerful sometimes overwhelm the sensor on your camera. They’re almost like blown out whites. An ND filter can help with this a little.

    2: Double reflection… In a setup photo like this you want it to be perfect. Notice the double reflection here. This is due to the surface you are using.

    3: More… This is subjective but part of me wants to see more. Maybe a little more green leaf or stem. My mind wants to know if there is more here.

    Overall you clearly have understood the goals of the assignment.

    I think you should really explore more soft light work to improve your skills in that area!

    Great job here Michael!

    Did you submit for this month’s photo competition yet?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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