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    Hard n soft light

    Duncan Rawlinson

    You’ve done another wonderful job with this assignment. You were asked to show your understanding of lighting and that’s exactly what you’ve done.

    Your first image uses gentle lighting to properly expose your subject’s face. The diffused light wraps around your subject’s face and no harsh shadows are created. Hard, directional lighting wouldn’t have wrapped so nicely around your subject’s face. Soft, diffused lighting is scattered in random directions which is why you can avoid harsh shadows.

    I like this composition and the placement of your subject with the eyes located in the top 2/3rds of the frame, but I caution you to be careful of amputation. For example you cut off part of your subject’s hand with the right wall of the photograph. This seems unnecessary to me and therefore looks unintentional. I know it’s a small detail, but these are the details that will turn a good photograph to a great photograph.

    Lastly, try not to amputate a subject’s limbs. Notice how you amputated the wrist with the bottom wall of the photograph? As a general rule of thumb, try to avoid cutting on limbs (wrists, neck, ankles elbows etc).

    Your hard lighting photograph is also well done. It accomplishes exactly what was asked of you for this assignment by using hard, directional lighting to cast light on an object (in this case a wall and door) you’ve placed strong,, directional lighting shapes on the wall.

    Another job well done.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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