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    Through all of the years that I’ve been doing photography or experimenting with it, I don’t think I have ever had a particular artist who inspired me as an artist. With that being said, I believe that I find inspiration simply in different aspects of life. From things such as people, nature and animals to more in-depth things like textures, colors, and lighting – They all inspire me to take photos, and experiment with new angles and depths. I love just driving down the road, and looking up at the sky and seeing something that would be a gorgeous photo, so I pull over and take a snapshot with my camera. Being able to go into a concert, and wait for a band to play and watching their movements to try and get a really cool action photo of them performing. Life in itself is enough of an inspiration for me to be an artist and enjoy what I do. Now I’m going to explain a few examples of different types of photography I like, and explain what aspects in these photos inspire me.

    1. Nature Photography — This photo is absolutely gorgeous of a lake in Canada. I love the colors of this photo, the blues greens and whites all through the photo make it very bright, and eye-catching. I love how it also include the people in the rowboats on the water because it emphasizes the size of the mountain. The textures in this photo stand out to me, as well. You can see the ripples of the water, and you can see all the edges and cliffs of the mountain, and the trees running from the side of the mountain down near the water. Overall, this image is breath-taking.

    2. Animal Photography — This photo was taken by artist Eric Meola. I love his use of bright, vibrant colors in all of his photography. I suppose you could say his work does inspire me with the use of color and texture, but as I said before, I don’t have one particular artist who inspires me completely as an artist; I enjoy multiple photographer’s work. 🙂 Anywho, the texture is exquisite in my opinion in this photo. You can see in-detail the skin of the elephant, and how the paint designs on it’s skin are more defined. This photo looks very elegant, and I love the color and design of the drape in the photo, as well.

    3. Concert Photography — This photo is actually one of my own, and it is of the lead singer of a band called War of Ages, taken at Sonar in Baltimore, MD this year. Concert photography is my passion, and I’d love to make it my profession specifically one day. What I love about taking photos at concerts is all the of energy and action happening on stage at a show can be taken in a single photo. The sweat on his forehead shows, in my opinion, how energetic the lead singer was on stage that evening. His facial expression as he is screaming into the microphone shows that he’s giving it his all as he’s performing for his fans. I also love the random lighting in the background, even though it isn’t bright. The lighting from the camera flash also is shining off the lead singer’s face, making the photo more focused on him. There’s so much positive energy at shows because of all the people that are gathered together enjoying the passion that they have for music, and supporting the bands that they come out to see. Music is my #1 passion in life, and anything and everything that is associated with it inspires me.

    Those are my few examples to show what things inspire me in a photo. I love many different photographers and their work, I love many different types of photography and different aspects of it, so I could not pick just one simple artist to be my inspiration. That is why I decided to chose Life. 🙂

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

    When I look through your photography selections I see the images have many strong technical design elements. For example, in the first image you’ve posted there is a very strong use of shape, line, balance, atmosphere and color simplicity.

    The same goes for the other photographs you’ve posted as well. The idea is to balance a strong story with well conceived design standards. The first few lessons of the course will help guide you towards better understanding these technical ideas.

    Thank you for sharing your ideas with us.

    I’m looking forward to seeing your next assignment!

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