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    Jessica Thurston

    For this assignment I have been asked to pick a photographer or artist that has had an impact on me as an artist and to identify two things. The first thing is to pick a particular piece of work they created which was of particular importance to me, and the second thing is what theme within their work is of greatest importance to me (i.e. war,love,family,color etc) Well for this assignment i have not chosen anyone famous by any means, but I have chosen an artist that has had the biggest impact on my life as an artist and that would be my aunt Robin Hess, ,since i was little I have watched her paint beautiful paintings of many different subjects. If I had to pick a particular piece of work that she has done that has had the biggest impact on me as an artist it would be the painting that she did of my great grandmothers house that was painted on a handsaw, she painted the house and property to look like it did before I was born. I grew up on the property seeing the house everyday until it was sold and the new owners have added on to it, My great grandmother died several years ago and i actually now own the saw painting done by my aunt. I grew up watching my aunt paint beautiful works of art, watching her put all the love, patience, care and detail into her work. I have always wanted to be able to do the same thing but with photographs instead of paint. Through her I have learnt patience and to pay close attention to detail. I hope that this is appropriate for this assignment.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Thanks for submitting your assignment. I’m glad you took the time to think about this.

    It’s sort of unusual to have to write a little thing like this before your move on. It may be obvious but you’re fully appreciate this later on.

    There are a few key takeaways here.

    One thing is that you have immediately stumbled on one of the great lessons that can be learned in photography and that is, learn from painters. Painters have been working on composition and color for thousands of years so your instincts here are amazing! There is a great deal to be gained from just looking at what the masters of painting do and don’t do with color and composition and gesture.

    I’m fact here is an entire lecture on this very subject:

    Now beyond this I think you’ve already established that you like portraits and landscapes which is great because these the most common types of photos.

    I also notice another key insight you made. That your aunt worked hard on her art. You used the words love, patience, care, and detail. All of those make for a good photographer.

    Your instincts are great and I’m glad you’re on your way. Keep it up!

    Thanks for submitting your assignment.

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