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    As an aspiring portrait photographer, I have drawn inspiration from Edouard Boubat. As a great romantic portrait photographer, he found inspiration in the lives of the people around him. Many of his photos are beautifully simplistic. According to Boubat, he was influenced by the war, and did not want to relieve those horrors in his photos. Rather, he was quoted to say, “After the war, we felt the need to celebrate life, and for me photography was the means to achieve this.”
    One of my favorite portraits of Boubat’s is “Lella au Concarneau, 1948”. I believe that it portrays his saying that “We are living photographs. Photography reveals the images within us.” It is a photo of a young woman sitting on a post on the waterside looking out into the water. When I look at the portrait, I not only see a beautiful photograph, but I can almost feel the longing that the subject appears to be feeling. Is she waiting for someone, or watching someone go? I love that a single photo can stimulate such questions and emotion!
    Boubat’s early works inspire me; especially those in the late 1940s and early 1950s. His portraits during this time were beautiful yet simple. In most of the photos, the subjects seem unaware that they are being captured on film. For example, in “Pont des Arts, 1954”, he has captured a young, ponytail clad girl, watching a boat from a fenced bridge. There is something about this serene photo that seems sweet to me. I love how he captured the moment with the girls head tilted slightly to the side.
    As I continue to grow as a photographer, I hope to continue to channel Boubat’s work. His photos have made me realize that sometimes less is more; you don’t need a bunch of props to stage a beautiful portrait. You just need a natural environment and a subject that will tell a story in the photo. I love to capture a candid moment when I shoot children or families. I hope that my photos can stimulate thoughts, emotions, and questions. Above all, I will continue to try to “celebrate life” and “reveal the images within.”

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Thanks for sending in your assignment.

    The photos you mention your assignment are delightful.

    Here they are:

    EDOUARD BOUBAT Lella au Concarneau, 1948

    [attachment=0:2qte9od5]pont des arts 1954.jpg[/attachment:2qte9od5]
    EDOUARD BOUBAT Pont des Arts, 1954

    Your assignment and the subject matter reminded me of some photographs that I shot in Paris recently.

    I’m glad that you put together your unique perspective for this assignment.

    Your piece is not only creative and well thought out but it’s remarkably precise.

    Not many people can point to one photographer or a handful of their images like this.

    The main thing is to put this inspiration in your pocket and take it with you. Know about it. Think about it. Learn from it.

    Nice job here.

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