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    I really do not know of a specific potographer who has inspired. Although there has been several potographs that have. Specifically outdoors and wildlife. I have always enjoyed the outdoors and watching wild life in their natural habitat.
    Growing up I remember my dad and I out camping and he always had his binoculars and bird book in hand. I remember seeing a bald eagle for the first time and being amazed by their power and gracefulness. That was when I really sarted to notice and really appreciate the beauty and amazing views that my young eyes never had noticed. Soon after I found myself looking at all photos of the outdoors and the wildlife living in its beauty that I could get my hands on. The photos that I really enjoy are the ones catching wildlife in action. The majestic eagle as it dives to catch that fish as it swims down the river. That herd of elk as they graze in the meadow. But its not just the wildlife. The trees as they turn colors befor losing their leaves. The sun as it shows the many colors as it sets behind the mountains for the night.
    So i guess the biggest inspiration from a photography master is many but the one that stands out the most is not a photographer at all. I would have to say it is mother nature and all her beauty she has out there waiting to be caght on film.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Beautifully said. Thank you for sharing this.

    As it’s turning into fall now I hope to see some of nature’s beauty in your upcoming assignments.

    All the best!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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