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    Insperation. Exactly where do we find it in our lives? Is it a little push from others and out side influence, our views or vision and interests to do some thing, like taking pictures. We have been trying to capture our world and what we see in it for thousands of years. Starting from early cave paintings, wood carvings the printing press, glass prints and now the digital age.
    I cannot realy name any photography masters off the top of my head but I do remember the images thatI have seen. Browsing through Time Life while waiting in line for the clerk to ring your food up or sitting and looking at the images in National Geografic. Probably one of the most viewed and under read magazines on the shelf today. While traveling how many of us stop at look at post cards to burn off a few minutes of time.

    I have found inspration from reading through the submissions of other students.The pictures that they have submitted, and the photo’s that have also influenced them. I have seen many of the same photo’s. I am lucky because of my job I get to travel and see things that many others do not not get a chance to. My friends ask what is it like, what do you see, what is interesting. I have always looked at my surroundings and thought that this or that would make a great photo and than walked on by with out taking a picture. I want to be able to take good quality photos. Well composed and thought out. I do not want to be an accidental photographer that gets the odd great photo. I know that they all cannot be great but I want to up my averages.

    One of the coffe table books that I enjoyed is by the photographer Boris Spremo. His work can be viewed
    I do find it ironic that my wife played with his daughter when they were young.

    I am including a few of my own photo’s There are images here that I will never be able to get any where else so I do want them to count. The other aspect of photography is it is some thing that we can all do for a very long it is a great hobby and I believe keeps us interested in what we see and the things around us and maybe just a little deeper than that. Whatis in the back ground of the picture.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

    I’m glad you submitted your own photographs for this assignment. I think that’s the first time someone’s done that. Your work is wonderful. I look forward to seeing more of your travel work.

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