Isabella’s adventure in the refrigerator

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    It was time for a smoothie… and I discovered a wonderful not so smoothie!


    Duncan Rawlinson

    What a terrific first photograph for this assignment. You’ve definitely captured the essence of what this assignment was supposed to be about. You’ve chosen otherwise unorganized objects in an uninteresting setting (i.e. the fridge) and you’ve simplified the image to make it much more aesthetically pleasing.

    You’ve used texture as your picture’s primary element. The curvature of the object, as well as the direction and intensity of the lighting have created an ideal setting for a textured photograph such as this one. Not only that but the object you’ve chosen to shoot is filled with interesting textures that you don’t actually have to work too hard to bring them out.

    I think you’ve done a wonderful job of this assignment. It’s absolutely spectacular. That being said, we’ve noticed a trend emerging with this assignment. As you may have noticed as well, many photographers are choosing to “simplify” in order to make their photographs more professional and pleasing.

    But simplifying can mean many things and can be accomplished in many different ways. However, the majority of simplified shots in this lesson use macro photography techniques to enhance the photograph. It is a great way to organize and simplify a photograph, but it is by no means the only way.

    What I want you to take away from this lesson is that although getting in close and removing the background is the easiest way to simplify, the real world and the second to second changes that make for great photographs don’t allow you the privilege of a zoom or getting close to your subject. So conceptually you’re right, simplification does lead to (often) interesting and pleasing photographs. But when shooting outdoors, when shooting events, when shooting for journalistic purposes, macro photography often wont’ do. Therefore you need to think “how do I organize chaos”. It’s not about organizing or simplifying just 1 thing anymore. It’s about simplifying and organizing many things. Something that takes photographers years to start to feel comfortable with.

    Very good first photograph though! Keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing your next assignment.


    Hi! Thank you so much for your insight, I will run with it and work on it, I need to move to the next level, and deepen my perspective and thinking!
    I have some ideas of what I could do, to achieve the goal in a different way, thank you for pointing it out. It helps a lot.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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