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    I was away on holidays fishing and took this photo. Hope you like it.


    Duncan Rawlinson

    Hey Paul!

    Thanks for submitting another assignment.

    I think I know what you we’re trying to achieve here. But tell me if I’m wrong. You we’re looking for that minimalist aesthetic and the juxtaposition of the man made item and nature?

    I’ve added some notes to your frame here:


    If you’re looking for the minimalist look this certainly doesn’t help. It dominates the frame and takes away from the pipe.

    Don’t forget when you’re shooting landscape photos a flat horizon line is critical. Well not absolutely critical but you should make the effor to keep them straight. In this case it’s off a little bit. Sometimes the only way to tell is to have a level on your camera. Many camera companies sell them as accessories. I use one whenever I’m shooting landscapes.

    There are implied lines in this photo that are created by the pipe and that’s good. Except see #4

    There is nothing where the implied lines lead. Maybe that’s what you wanted to achieve. In the future think about these lines and how you can lead your viewers eye toward something where the lines lead.

    If you matched either side of this pipe to be exactly the same size you’d have achieved a nicer degree of symmetry in this image. In a minimalist style image like this one symetry can greatly improve the image. In this case one side is smaller than the other.

    Here are a couple examples of working with pipes that work really well:

    Drain Pipe by Worker101, on Flickr

    Note how your eye is lead into the frame and has somewhere to go. Up the hill…

    Here is another image that has a pipe in it. It’s obviously a totally different type of image but not how powerful these colors are:

    Caution by moriza, on Flickr

    I hope that this helps you going forward.

    If you want some inspiration check out these great landscape photographs.

    You’re lucky to live in Australia. I’ve seen some of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever seen right in your back yard!

    See you on the next assignment!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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