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    i took long to do this assignment because i wanted to create a panorama. this is my first panorama using 3 photos.

    have a very merry christmas

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Wow! I can’t find your edit points at all. Great work.

    This is a very strong composition. You’ve incorporated many of the most essential design elements for this particular setting. For instance, your use of space is great. You’re layering of foreground, middle-ground and background, not only provide depth, but also allow you to properly divide the photograph into three visually distinct sections. They are:

    1: first 1/3rd – Green landmass in the foreground
    2: second 1/3rd – Deeply saturated water in the middle-ground
    3: last 1/3rd – less saturated sky in the background

    You’ve worked within a consistent color palette composed primarily of blue, green and white. This has helped you further organize and simplify and otherwise massive amount of space. Great work.

    What I like most about your image is that you’ve included a “stopper” The tree off to the right hand side, not only helps you place a main object that to help support the rule of thirds, but it also give your audience an object to rest their eyes on.

    Many landscape photographs don’t have “stoppers”. Therefore it’s easy for audience’s eyes to wander in and then quickly wander out of a composition. It’s nice to have a large foreground object to rest on when we’re not busy exploring the rest of the photograph. Its position also helps you create a stronger sense of depth and gives your audience the feeling of ‘being there”. Strong foreground objects are great for that reason.

    Overall, great work on this assignment.

    Have a great holiday!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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