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    I really liked the color scheme and I tried to capture it in this image. I

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Undoubtedly your strongest composition yet! Wow! Great work.

    My initial reaction to this photograph was very positive. You’ve incorporated many great design elements into this shot.

    From the perspective of depth you’ve done a great job of creating the illusion of three dimensions by incorporating a very strong foreground, middle ground and background. Your foreground doesn’t only consist of the texture of the field, but also a small bridge, which is the only man-made object in the composition.

    This strong foreground object helps us establish ourselves in the composition and it from here we can explore the rest of the composition.

    The fog in the background helps provide a beautiful atmospheric element and gives the image a somewhat magical feel. The image is also split up perfectly into thirds which makes it easily abide by the rule of thirds.

    The colors are strong yet not overpowering. They compliment each other well and create a very bright and dramatic environment.

    The sun is angled (I can tell by the shadows on the mountain) which has helped you draw out the natural texture in the environment. All in all, this is a great photograph!

    Great work on this assignment!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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