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    Here is my landscape.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Kat, I must say that I think this is your best photograph to date from a composition standpoint. You’ve very clearly defined your rule of thirds. In fact your ground is taking up 1/3, the trees take up 1/3 and the sky takes up 1/3 which creates a very balanced looking photograph. Similarly, you’ve positioned yourself on a an angle and the line of the ground comes in on the bottom left hand corner creating a “leading line”. This helps insert the viewers eye into the picture. You’ve also placed a small boat out there which acts as a “stopper” so your viewers eye don’t simply rush in and then out of the picture. This gives the viewers eye something to rest on while they are not exploring the rest of your photograph. The clouds and overall atmosphere of this shot are great. Wonderful work.

    The good news is that you don’t seem to be making the same mistake twice in any of your photographs. However, in this shot a new mistake has arisen. Your reproduction of detail is not perfect. This is because your shooting in relatively low lighting situations which kept your shutter speed open longer and therefore there is a slight blur which is noticeable to the viewers of this shot. In the smaller size it’s not that noticeable but in the larger format it’s a distracting element.

    When you’re shooting on cloudy days or in the evening you’ll likely continue to see this problem unless you can find an object to rest your camera on while you take the shot. Alternatively I would recommend investing in a small tripod to help steady the shot. It will make a dramatic difference in the outcome of your photographs.

    In this case you probably couldn’t have sped up your shutter speed because it would have underexposed your photograph. A tripod or other object where you could rest your camera is the only option for shots like this.

    But as I said before… Great photograph and fantastic composition.

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