Leson 2: Finding Inspiration

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    In my eyes there’s nothing more fascinating and beautiful than nature. Nothing is fake or pretend. Out of the countless landscape photographers and their amazing photographs the artist that sticks out for me the most is Marc Adamus.
    When I look at his pictures I loose track of time, there’s so much detail and a unique feel to them, I can look at one five times and find something new and incredible about it each and every time. They just pull me in and evoke an emotional response. The most fascinating I find is the increbible coloration and the complexity of everything that’s happening at the same time. I can almost feel the cold, the wind, the humidity in the air, the sun beating down, hear the silence or the water flowing. I believe he captures the moment so flawless that I’m hoping that someday I have just a fraction of his ability to do the same. He is my insiration.
    Chosing a particular piece of work he created is very difficult if not impossible. I find all of his work amazing and breathtaking. The photograph i’d like to highlight is “Canyon Wonders”. Such a busy yet calm and pieceful shot, there is so much to see. The water is moving and at one point the canyon must have been covered because it carved out a gorgeous arch. The sun is shining onto the higher cliffs, the light blue sky has white clouds, the trees are losing the leaves that are turning different colors. Very, very beautiful.
    The photo is not only of the present but it tells a story. I feel this way about his other photographs too.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Thank you for sharing this with us. I see a lot of strong design elements in this photograph. For example, the photographer is using a very clear color palette, a strong leading line and he’s pushing the illusion of depth by incorporating a strong foreground, middle-ground and background.

    You’ll be learning about these design features in your upcoming lectures. The idea is to embed a visual story within a photograph that abides by strong technical standards.

    I look forward to seeing your next assignment!

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