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    Here is my First assignment!

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Hi there!

    Welcome to the student forum! Did you confirm that you are on the email list by clicking on that link in the email you received?

    Also, are you on twitter? If so follow: http://twitter.com/photographyicon There will be updates posted there.

    If you could add your twitter username in a response here that would be great. (so I can add you to the twitter list) If not no worries!

    Also you can edit your forum signature and add your pic here.

    First things first! You’ve taken steps to get on your way to becoming a better photographer already so that’s fantastic.

    Not only have you enrolled in the course but you’ve taken action by submitting your first photos!

    Good job! 😉

    Now, the critique!

    Starting to see the world through the eyes of a phographer is not easy. That’s what this assignment is all about. Learning to ‘see’ like a real photographer means lots of things. It means you can see how a mundane object like a candle can be an interesting photograph.

    Now you’ve submitted two photos.

    Your first features a candle and a rather nice background.

    Your second features the same candle from a different angle.

    Now, I know this is your first assignment but here is a great lesson.

    Look at these photos again. Which is a better photograph?

    The photo with the colorful background is actuallly the better photograph. Now nine times out of ten when you get closer to something the closer photo is usually the better image.

    In this case the closer is dark and slightly out of focus. Now I like that you’ve tried to get lower, and get closer but your first photo (the colorful background) is actually better.

    This is a great lesson to learn on your first assignment.

    Keep in mind, the vast majority of the time getting closer is better (whilst being safe of course) in terms of photography. But in this case the image taken further away is superior…

    Your image may be slightly out of focus because you’re closer than the minimum focus distance on your particular lens. Most lenses (if you’re using an slr) have distance measurements on them… Take a look at yours and note the smallest distance. You won’t be able to focus on anything closer to your camera than that distance (unless you change lenses) etc.

    All in all you’re on your way here!!!

    I’m glad you’re part of our student community and you’re on the forum!

    I hope this was useful and I’ll see you on the next assignment.




    Thanks for the input! Yeah you are right the first one does have a lot more color to it and i didn’t even notice it. Ill keep all that mind on all future assignments.

    Duncan Rawlinson


    I look forward to helping to progress as a photographer.

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