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    THis is my try 🙂


    Hello and thank you for submitting this assignment.

    Sorry for our own late reply. We have just finished transferring over the site to a new server and it took more time than we thought.

    Let’s get right into the review of your first assignment.

    This assignment asked that you take an ordinary object and environment and transform it into a photograph with a stronger sense of design. There was no one right way to go about doing this. We just wanted to see you use your imagination to showcase your understand of the shaping powers of depth, lines, perspective, colors, framing etc. All of these things you can manipulate very easily simply by changing your position around the object you’re exploring. You’ve done a great job of that.

    You’ve taken a medium shot of a remote control and you’ve changed the design of your frame by using a shallow depth of field, changing your perspective and framing the shot as a close up rather than a medium shot. Without changing anything but your POV (Point of View) you’ve changed the composition profoundly.

    Obviously, you’re using a simple subject in your photograph but the visual ideas you’ve embedded in your shot are transferable to more complex environments.

    Some of the visual themes you’re exploring in your “beauty” photograph are

    1. Leading line – The way the remote control enters the frame from the bottom right corner (to be discussed in more detail in an upcoming lecture)
    2. Negative space – You’ve simplified your environment by using your table as a backdrop helping you to minimize visual clutter
    3. Simplified color palette (to be discussed more in an upcoming lecture)
    4. Depth – Although both images have some form of depth, your ‘beauty” image has a stronger sense of foreground, middle ground and background which helps you establish the illusion of three dimensions.

    Overall, you’ve done a great job on this assignment. I look forward to seeing your next assignment!

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