Lesson 1 Assignment

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    Lesson 1 Assignment 1

    Thanks for looking.


    Duncan Rawlinson

    Hi Christopher!

    Welcome to the student community! Thanks for joining us.

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    I see what you’ve done here. You’ve taken some close up photographs of this nice looking plate and you have created a Diptych. This is great and it’s interesting except for one thing. The plate itself is not a mundane object. This is the part that most people miss on this assignment. The idea is to make something boring look interesting. In this case the plate isn’t really boring. It has color, textures, shapes, and it’s got an iridescent reflectivity to it! Whatever the case there really is no right or wrong around here. The goal is for you to have fun and to learn!

    What you really did well here is that you’ve gotten close to the object and removed everything from the frame except what is most interesting. In this case, the colors, the shapes, and the iridescent nature of the object.

    Not to mention when you combine the various images together you get a really nice overall image.

    I would also suggest that the top left image in your Diptych would be nice on it’s own.

    This is all great! You’ve shown that you’re ready to learn. Many people sign up and don’t follow through… I look forward to seeing your skills develop through the course.

    In the spirit of fun and creativity here are a few more Diptychs for you:

    photo by clickflashphotos

    photo by lel4nd

    photo by seanmcgrath

    photo by seanmcgrath

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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