Lesson 1: Assignment

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    Duncan Rawlinson

    Hi Tammy!

    Welcome to our community! Thanks for signing up! Now, you’ve started to improve your photography and that’s great. You’ve signed up and you’ve taken the time to submit an assignment.

    You can follow PhotographyIcon.com on Twitter here.

    Make sure you click the link to confirm your are on the email list.

    Now onto assignment #1.

    The goal here is obviously not to just find something boring. The idea is to make the mundane into the fascinating.

    I think you’ve clearly done that here so job well done on your first assignment!

    Your instincts are good here.

    You’ve gotten closer to the subject.
    You’ve chosen an interesting composition.
    You’ve focused manually.

    All of this is great.

    I try to recommend that you avoid using the flash in order for you to understand how your camera functions a little better.

    Use a tripod instead if you can for now.

    An idea to improve an image like this would be to have a finger or a hand in the frame. Kind of like this:

    Notice how that’s more interesting than just a photo of dice…

    Excellent work here.

    I look forward to guiding your through the rest of the course.

    If you have questions let me know.

    Oh and I moved your first assignment because it was posted in the wrong place. Next time just click “new topic”.

    For example if you we’re to submit lesson 1 again you would click “new topic” on this page.


    See you on assignment 2.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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