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    I am excited to be posting my first lesson!

    First, a little background story…

    I was walking around the house trying to decide what to photograph when my boyfriend started complaining that I never take my glasses to the sink after I am done with them. 🙄 I was about to start thinking of a good comeback when I had a “TADA” moment! What’s easier to ignore than a glass on the coffee table?!?! Not much (at least for me that is)… I figured that’s about as mundane as it gets. So I took my “beast” shot and as you can see my coffee table is rather messy 😮 Then I experimented until I took what seemed like a rather interesting view of the inside of the cup… otherwise known as my “beauty” shot 😀


    Duncan Rawlinson

    Hello Hello!

    Welcome to PhotographyIcon.com!

    My name is Duncan Rawlinson and I run this photography course.

    Sorry for the slow critique on your first assignment. The photography school was on holiday break.

    I’m really happy that you’ve submitted your first assignment.

    That’s a big step toward improving your photography. Sometimes people sign up and never even submit their first photograph! Isn’t there some wise old saying that goes like this: “every long journey begins with a single step”?! You’ve taken that first step so give yourself a pat on the back!

    On with the critique of your first assignment!

    You have submitted two photographs for the assignment. Your beast shot is pretty much about as boring and mundane as you can get. A simple glass sitting on a desk.

    You beauty shot is a real BEAUTY!!! This is a spectacular image. You’ve managed to get close enough and shoot at such an interesting angle that you’ve created a stunning image. It looks like you’ve even gone so far as to add some color to the background which is great! This image is like a crystalline flower frozen in time.

    I’m elated as your instructor that assignment #1 has inspired you to shoot this. This is one of the more impressive beauty to beast shots I’ve seen in this course yet. So well done!

    You may have just inadvertently raised my expectations of you as a student!

    The point of this assignment though isn’t to just do this once, it’s to be thinking this way ALL the time. Always be thinking, is there a better way I can shoot this? Can I get closer? What would make this more interesting?

    I’m not sure if you scaled the image down or not but make sure you have your camera set to the highest resolution possible. I mention this because your “beast” image was much higher resolution than your “beauty” image.

    If there is anything you need help with you can email me



    Thanks! Hopefully I can live up to your expectations! I will sure try! I will definitely do my best. I didn’t actually “add” color… I just changed the hue ever so slightly from clear/blue to more purple. I’ve been learning Elements 9. The beauty shot is a lower resolution because I probably saved for web after editing it and didn’t edit the beast shot at all so it’s still the original size. I was concerned about the size with uploading. Should I leave it full size from now on?

    Duncan Rawlinson

    You can leave them full size. I can’t remember the maximum file size at the moment though! 😉

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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