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    In my ‘after’ pic, I tried to adjust the sharpness, warmth and contrast of the image to give the photo more of a ‘brisk’ autumn feeling.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Thanks for your submission.

    Lesson 11: Assignment Assignment Title: Time to Digitize
    In this exercise we want you to feel free to digitize a photograph however you wish using any of the elements taught above. The only limitation we want to impose is that we don’t want you to over-exaggerate anything to make the photograph look too abstract or fake. We don’t want to see purple sky’s unless it’s believable. You can dull colors, enhance colors, change skies, insert new elements or anything else you wish. Just be careful not to overuse any of those elements and create a cartoonish, artificial looking photograph.

    Lesson 11 is always a hard one to grade for a few reasons.

    Everyone has different ideas about how to use post processing image software like photoshop.

    The way I look at it is that if it feels unnatural most of the time it’s too much.

    That was my first impression on this image.

    It felt overdone.

    Now if this is the exact look you wanted then great! Who am I to judge?!

    You mentioned you wanted a “brisk” feeling. Often people want to add some blues and make their image less warm if they want a brisk feeling.

    You had the right idea with sharpening of the image but again, use these correction tools modestly if at all!

    This image has too much saturation and vibrancy as well.

    As mentioned previously I’ve always had a hard time with this assignment because I want people to understand the power of tools like photoshop however I don’t want them to leave the course and start doctoring all their photos too much.

    I’m sure you understand this.

    Either way you’ve accomplished the assignment by simply modifying your photograph and getting it online.

    Remember photoshop (and the like) are very powerful.

    “With great power comes great responsibility”

    Nice work!

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