Lesson 11: Creatin Dramatic Effects

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    Hi, for this assignment I tried to enhance the butterfly by darkening the background. I also added another butterfly in the background to give this picture more depth. I gave the small butterfly a little bit of blur so that the picture would look more realistic because I used a low depth of field. Feedback is more than welcome!

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Great work on this composition.

    The changes you’ve made are subtle, but undoubtedly help to visually enhance your composition.

    For starters, the cropping of the image helped you focus on the most essential components of the frame. Similarly, the new cropping enhanced the importance of the butterfly because the “weight” of that object grew by around 100%. Therefore, it’s more prominent and it easily acts as a “stopper” helping keep the viewer’s eye in the image.

    Secondly, it allowed you to keep the same color palette, but add a little more attention to the red color highlight in the background. Red is found in your first image as well, but it’s more pronounced and more richly saturated in your enhanced photograph. Not only that, but you’ve pushed your blacks a little darker (often referred to as “crunching the blacks”), which generally gives the composition a more dramatic feel. You didn’t loose any important details by doing this, but those nice rich blacks look great in the enhanced photograph.

    Lastly, cloning the butterfly was very tastefully done. I’ve looked closely and can’t see any continuity or lighting errors. You’ve been careful not only in proper scaling, but also in matching the blur and brightness to match your background. Great work on this assignment. I’m very impressed!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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