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    My inspiration does not come from one certain person, but from a type of photography itself. Newborn photography has greatly inspired me to become a great photographer.
    I love taking pictures of my family and I have also wanted to become a better photographer.
    Newborn photos are very simple yet very awe inspiring at the same time. From the smallest grins to the beiggest smiles, babies are the most precious gift we will ever recieve and to be able to capture one moment in time that will never happen again is just incredible to me.
    Most photographs of newborns are taken in natrual light and are done with either props or with a great background.
    Most photographers of newborns these days take alot pictures of babies in household items like baskets, bowls, clothes baskets and baby hamocks. Most pictures are of the babies themselves, but some include just dad or mom, or maybe the whole family. I find black and white images of newborns to be the best. Everytime I see a black and white photo of a mom and dad holding their newborn baby in there hands I have to stop and take it all in. Its just an amazing moment and picture all in one.
    I studied art for quite some time and found that I am very fond of drawing hands. I have found that my love of illustrating hands and hand movement has poured over to photographing hands. I have many pictures of my daugters hands and her father holding her hands.
    I do hope that after this course I will be able to take some pictures of newborns that inspire others like they have inspired me.
    Here is a link to one photographer whom which I really like.

    Duncan Rawlinson


    Thanks for submitting your write up for this lesson.

    As always it’s fascinating for me to read these. It’s nice to get to know what inspires other photographers and makes them tick.

    The assignment was as follows:

    Lesson 2: Assignment
    Assignment Title: Inspiration

    What you need to do for this assignment is write a 500 word paper (approximately 1 page) on a photographer or artist that has had an impact on yourself as an artist. In this article you need to identify 2 important things.

    1. A particular piece of work they created which was of particular importance to you.

    2. What theme within their work is of greatest importance to you (i.e. war, love, family, color etc)

    We will review this assignment based on originality and perspective. There are no right or wrong answers. The aim of this assignment is to get you thinking about your own area of interest within the realm of photography.[/b]

    You’ve written a nice little piece and you have a remarkably clear ‘picture’ (so to speak) of what you like about photography! Newborn baby photos in black in white is remarkably specific!

    That’s fantastic because you can start working on improving your photos and shooting better newborn images right away.

    The first thing that came to mind when I read your piece was Jill Greenberg’s crying babies “End Times” series of photographs.

    She got some babies into the studio and upset them in some way and then photographed them crying. It cause quite the uproar. I thought it made for some fascinating photographs.

    Like this one:


    You can see her work here:

    Jill Greenberg

    Maybe she will inspire you!

    To be honest I don’t know much about newborn photography because I’ve never shot a newborn. I’ve shot babies but never newborns.

    The work on the captured by carrie site is amazingly creative and thoughtful.

    The goal of this assignment was to get you to refine your thinking about photography. You seem to be well on your way in this department!

    Excellent work and I look forward to your next submission.


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