Lesson 2 Assignment

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    Lesson 2: Assignment
    Laura Marie ODonnell
    Date: 1/28/13


    The ability to share a story by showing others through pictures is a gift. This gift has been passed down generation after generation. Photographs have not only proven history but have expressed emotions behind each and every image. From wars and death, to peace and love, we have found a way to encapsulate time in a moment that can keep forever. A moment we can hang on our wall for a constant reminder, or keep safe in a drawer to pull out and reflect for our own desire. Photography has impacted many, some through viewing portraits, while others have made a life behind the camera. Some such as myself only see life through the view of a lens. I would like to take this feeling and view, learn from the best photographers and apply the mechanics to create memories for many lifetimes to come. The photographer Walter Looss has impacted myself as an up and coming artist due to his style and piece of photography work, along with his overall photography theme.

    Walter Looss has been a photographer for sports illustrated for 47 years. He specializes in sports of all types, along with beauty of all types. His pictures capture not only the action in a sports scene but the emotions behind the subject he is photographing. He leaves his audience with not only a feeling of actually witnessing the amazing sport event, but that they could see themselves as the athlete in that moment. He leaves his audience with the internal emotions and feelings of exactly what the athlete is experiencing.


    When it comes to beauty on the beach he has created the shots endlessly. With gorgeous models and the athlete ladies he creates breathtaking shots. His pictures stand out from the lighting used, making each model very colorful, bright and having a warm upbeat energy. Each model is very exotic looking but he is careful to not make them look intimidating. Always with a smile from their eyes, the model seems approachable creating a special intimacy with each image. He also picks great backgrounds and environments so everything from his pictures exudes beauty. From deserted islands with beautiful beaches to fun in the sun, he captures an exotic feeling of warmth and desire, not letting the human eye overlook or miss his work.


    Looss’s photography theme is mixed with action, and emotion. It can be an entire team shot or a solo moment leaving the viewer in search for more of his work. His work is contagious, making you desire to be part of his world. His theme and world are colorful, energetic, and crisp. This feeling he creates can relate to any audience. Watching sweat drip down an athletes face as they concentrate on their most important moment to win the game creates an adrenaline rush in everyone. Connecting with a beautiful smiling model can be contagious, leaving the viewer forced to do a double take. Whatever the theme he chooses to shoot he has found the ability to capture it and relate it to all.


    When thinking about my own area of interest, Walter Looss has been an inspiration. What a dream come true to shoot for Sports Illustrated. This area of interest fascinates me and excites me to try this field of photography. I hope one day to create beautiful art the way he has.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Thanks for sending in this thoughtful and well put together assignment.

    It’s a bit counterintuitive but getting people to think about what inspires them in photography and who inspires them does several things. For one it gets people excited about photography. I reminds people why they even like photography in the first place because this assignment forces them to think about it.

    This assignment also make you focus (pardon the punn) on what interests you in photography. That way if you know you like sports photography than you can practice and go through the course learning and shooting sports photos.

    So you’ve done very very well here at not only putting this together but isolating your area of interest and passion in photography.

    I was not familiar with the work of Walter Iooss but he has some remarkable photographs and I had undoubtedly seen his work in countless magazines.

    For anyone reading this in the future his website is here: http://walteriooss.com/portfolios

    Nice job here and I will see you on the next assignment.


    Duncan Rawlinson

    Oh and I hope it’s ok but I tidied up the formatting on this a little.

    Thank you.

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