Lesson 2 Assignment

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    Alan Hsieh

    Hello! I from Taiwan and I am still an English learner. I tried my best to explain my opinion in English. please excuse my grammar mistakes in this assignment. have fun!!!

    There is a Taiwanese photographer whose artworks have a great impact on me. His name is Ko Shi-Chi. I bought my first camera because of his photographs. There are not too many techniques on his artworks. His photographs are usually concise and clean but reveal natural beauty and sincere emotion. My favorite photograph of him is “Blind Mother”. I was frozen when I first time saw it five years ago because of the mother’s smile. The story of it is a blind widow who did not want to send her child to an orphanage. The picture took when she refused a help from Ko. She felt that the child was happiness in mother’s arms. Many years later, she did raise her child alone until the child became a teenager, but she left the child then begged for a living in a temple because she did not want her child had a feeling of inferiority. It let me realize what a photography can be. I do not know who is the blind widow or his child, but I can totally feel the helpless, maternal love and so many complex emotions like just happened around me, It also let me to feel and think some opinions and experiences that different in my life.

    Photography is not only a skill to record beautiful things for me, it also a skill to explain something that I could not explain in words, so I would like to try every themes I want. I hope all my work can be a little bit value for some specific people to feel something or think something like what I did with “Blind Mother”.

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    Duncan Rawlinson

    Thanks for submitting another assignment.

    Don’t worry about your writing. This assignment is really just to ensure that you are thinking about what you like in photography and where you want to go with it!

    One of my great joys is learning right along with my own students.

    In this case I had not heard of Ko-Si Chi: http://www.kosichi.com/

    He certainly has some great images and I’m sure he would LOVE knowing one of his images inspired you to take up photography.

    Your notion of creating photographs that are “concise and clean but reveal natural beauty and sincere emotion” is really a great goal to work toward.

    Keep that in your mind when you are shooting. Clean, Concise, and Emotive!

    Nice work here.

    See you on the next assignment.

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