Lesson 2 Assignment

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    As I reflect on my answer for this assignment I found myself reflecting on some wonderful memories in my life. My inspiration as a photographer and artist is my Grandmother. For many many years she was an art teacher out of her home and I remember going to her house and being surrounded with all things art. She used her photography skills to take photographs of things she could use in her paintings. Her perspective in her photos was captured through the eyes of her love of art. She always loved things with lots of vibrant colors. As a result of this she had many photos and paintings of flowers. We live in eastern New Mexico/ West Texas so one of her “signature” collections of paintings were of bluebonnets which she captured beautifully. As a child I was lucky enough to have her instruction in art class but as I grew school and extracurricular activities and work caused me to lay my brush down for a while. Recently I have started to paint again and am enjoying every bit of it. I am trying to expand on this with my photography skills and can only hope to be half as good as she was.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

    I hope to see these vibrant colors you talk about in your photography composition!

    We’re looking forward to seeing your next assignment.

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