Lesson #2: Finding Inspiration from Photography Masters

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    By: Desiree Aldeguer

    I have been taking pictures for years. However, I only recently realized my passion for my photographic efforts. I spent the last month working on the exterior landscape, and interior space, of my home. This required acute attention to detail and hours of print and online research for creative inspiration for my décor. I found the images of Alicia Bock on a botique-style website that highlighted and sold handmade craft items, including art. Her images immediately caught my attention despite many similar artists specializing in poloroid / vintage type photography. The body of work provided an inspiration to me to pursue photography and reality through images.

    The particular photograph that captivated my attention was that of a ferris wheel at a theme park. In front of the Ferris wheel was a ticket booth. The image displayed depth, bright contrasting colors, and texture. The connection seemed ackward to me since there were no people in the images with facial expressions and body movements to convery emotion. I parsed through her other images and the pattern of childhood and innocence were prominent in all of her photographs.

    I looked further into her body of work and found other images that continued to capture my attention. One particular set of images documented children playing on the beach. I have taken many pictures of my kids playing at the beach nevertheless this proved different from those images. Alicia had captured the moments of those children and made me reminice of memories of my family and me at the beach. The images of the ocean, sand, and random faces somehow connected with my personal feelings and history.

    The themes in all of her images were similar – poloroid / vintage style images that conveyed family and history. Alica Bock is not a famous photographer, and I know very little about her. Yet, she is a genuine inspiration to me. As a mother, I feel that time is passing too fast and already regret the day my children grow into young adults. Thus, I want to capture my children, as they are now – young, innocent and oblivious to the hardships the world may provide them.


    Duncan Rawlinson

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

    I really enjoyed your attention to her visual story telling. Although I sense you enjoy her composition, her ability to communicate ideas visually seems equally important to you.

    Again, thank you for sharing.

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