Lesson 2: Inspiration

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    To be honest; i am not that interested in a specific photographer but i do like looking at all of there work even if it is something not in my interest ❗
    I believe that every photographer has his/her angle of view, colors, depth and subject, I also believe that there are no rules in photography as long as your photo inspires at least most of who looks at it.

    I used to take lots of photos long time ago but they were so simple, it was only to document what ever we were doing or going and to have a good memory saved, until i found out from an old friend that you need some equipment to get a nice isolated photos, not just a simple digital camera 😯 , plus you need to look at things differently. So i did some study on digital cameras and checked out the market to se what’s available.

    So there i started with my DSLR camera and took pictures of anything i see and and look up the internet looking for something similar, at that time i did not pay attention to the photographers name, i just spent time looking at there work and thinking “how can i find an angle that will look as good as this but different” then i go taking pictures again and so on.

    Now coming to this school, recently i have been thinking ❓ ❓ i have been using DSLR for the 3rd year now maybe more, and i have not studied anything other than self taught using the internet and knowing some point of how does the shutter speed and aperture works and what they mean from friends. so i said to my self why don’t i get started with the real thing and get more true knowledge and think more professional, and after searching the net for a school i fond “Photography Icon” i liked the profile and enrolled immediately, now after reading 3 lessons and this is the second assignment i feel that i did get some good knowledge and will get better photos soon.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Hello there!

    How are things in Kuwait?! I’m happy that you are submitting your assignments!

    I’m also happy that you decided to take part in the course. I really enjoy helping people take better photographs.

    When I started out in photography I wasn’t really that inspired by other photographers. Since then I have come to learn about and admire many of these people:

    Ansel Adams
    Edward Weston
    Henri Cartier-Bresson
    Eugene Atget
    Richard Avedon
    Robert Frank
    Walker Evans
    William Eggleston
    Garry Winogrand
    Alfred Stieglitz
    Lee Friedlander
    Andre Kertesz
    Paul Strand
    Edward Steichen
    Stephen Shore
    Dorothea Lange
    Lewis W Hine
    Andreas Feininger
    Robert Capa
    Man Ray
    Helmut Newton
    Robert Doisneau
    Alexander Rodchenko
    Julia Margaret Cameron
    Gordon Parks
    Ara Guler
    August Sander
    Alvin Baltrop
    Michael K Brown
    Andreas Gursky
    Sebastiao Salgado
    David Bailey
    Ryan Mcginley
    Jan Saudek
    Hiroshi Sugimoto
    Willy Ronis
    Albert Renger-Patzsch
    Eadweard James Muybridge
    Mathew Brady
    Dan Winters
    Duncan Rawlinson 😉

    You could start studying them when you are not shooting your own photographs!

    I’m glad you’ve also chosen to start shooting with a DSLR.

    One of my regrets is that I didn’t switch to a more professional camera earlier on in my photography career.

    So you are on the right track.

    I enjoyed reading your piece and I sincerely hope to help you improve your photography.

    If there is one thing I can tell you now, it’s keep shooting! Always be shooting!


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