lesson 2: my personal insiration

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    My Inspiration for photography…

    My interest in photography was not born out of any one individual’s work, rather, I stumbled upon my interest when I purchased a digital camera for wife. I began taking pictures, of objects, animals, people, landscapes, and something was tweaked within me – a creativity I didn’t realize I had! My “hobby” really began when I started manipulating the photo, creating unique and different pictures and perspectives in which I saw my photo. For years, I have tapped into my own creative brain to develop unique pictures – unique to me and I hope, the viewer.

    I was recently given a camera that I didn’t know how to operate – and my learning curve took another step as I am now trying to understand the features, settings, and ability my new Pentax has. As I learn, I become more creative. I take great interest in others work and it makes me believe perhaps I can be just as creative and unique as they are.

    To take an inanimate object and make it suddenly appear to come to life just by taking a photograph is a skill and talent that I hope to hone in on within myself. I learn from others, I learn from hands on experience, and I learn from feedback.

    The creation of something that you can take pride in is an extremely satisfying experience – and at this stage of my life – my “middle” life – is quite an accomplishment considering I didn’t have the faith in myself to do anything other than what I had always done.

    I’ve had many compliments on my photos and am now looking for instruction, tapping even further into my creative side, feedback and suggestion, and encouragement. People have often told me that I don’t “look like someone who would be interested in photography” – not that I know (or they know) what that “look” is, but I’m very pleased that I have found this avenue to express myself. It provides me with a sense of accomplishment, a sense of pride, and something that I can stamp as my own.

    I look forward to this, my first lessons, in photography to learn a craft that I love. For brainstorming, for ideas, and thought provoking study, to learn from and about others, and to learn more about myself, to learn and understand the art of photography.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Thank you greatly for sharing that with us. Your post was incredibly personal and I’m sure many of the photographers in this community will be able to relate to your story.

    I’m glad to hear you have your camera gives you a lot of manual control. It will be interesting to see your pictures in the student community. We’re looking forward to receiving your first photography assignment!

    All the best

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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