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    My Inspiration isn’t a famous photographer or artist. I choose to do my assignment on my sister in-law who is a photographer and has inspirired me through out my photography and takes amazing and beautiful pictures.

    This assignment was a little difficult for me. Only because I’m not sure if I had an inspiration into my photography. Becoming a photographer has always been a dream of mine. I always dreamed about going all over the country taking beautiful pictures and having my own photography studio. Ever since I can remember I always loved taking pictures. There’d be times when I’d walk around downtown taking random pictures of random things. I love taking pictures of different people and buildings. Also I always love taking scenery pictures such as sunsets, mountains, oceans, rivers, ect. Last summer my girlfriend and I took greyhound to Ohio to visit family and I remember every state and city that we went through and remembering all the beautiful scenery around there. Even though being from Oregon and seeing sunsets and the ocean almost every night seeing them from different parts of the country just made them more beautiful and more amazing.

    If I did have to choose one person that inspired my photography and inspired my scenery photography it’d have to be my sister in-law Tiffany. I remember going over to my brother Chris and sister Tiffany’s house when they first moved in and seeing all of Tiffany’s pictures of the beach, Montana trip and sunsets. I remembered thinking to myself that that’s the type of pictures I want to take. Tiffany and I are so alike when it comes to our photography, only because if she is driving around or just taking a walk or even sitting outside she’s always taking pictures and I love to do the same. Neither one of us leaves the house with out our cameras. One of the other reasons we both love taking pictures is because we know that beauty will never stay the same. Every picture rather it’s a sunset, a moon, clouds, or even a star will never be the same. Everything always changes. Tiffany once told me before she met my brother and had her son that taking pictures was one of the only things that made her happy and made her have something to look forward to and I’m the exact same way. I know that we’ll always have that in common.

    I’ve read a lot of other’s assignments. I’ve read that they all have chosen famous photographers and artist. I know the assignment stated that you had to choose an artist or photographer that has inspired you and your photography. To be honest with you I don’t know names of any famous photographer nor do I know about famous paintings, pictures, ECT. Knowing the assignment says that they want us to write about someone that inspired you is why I chose to write about my sister in-law. I chose her because even though she’s not “famous” and don’t have her name and pictures on google.com or any search engine she one of my inspirations and I know that I can show her my photos and go with her on her photo sites and get other hands on experiences and insights to what I can really do as a photographer.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Very well said. This assignment wasn’t about showcasing what “famous” photographers you know. Instead it was meant to make you think deeply about what subject you’re interested in within the realm of art photography.

    As you mentioned in your essay, your sister-in-law has an eye for great nature and landscape photographs. You’ve also mentioned you love just walking around the city and taking pictures of people and architecture. This assignment was meant to get you thinking about those things and you’ve highlighted some of your particular areas of interest within your essay.

    I think you’ll find as you continue your journey as a photographer that you’ll be better able to articulate what the “thing” is you love capturing in nature. You’ll start to realize what it is about the brilliant colors in the sky at sunset that you adore. You’ll start to think about the philosophies behind the creators of the architecture you admire and you’ll slowly start to develop an artistic philosophy or “voice” of your own.

    Best of luck continuing down this path and thank you for sharing this essay with us.

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