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    movement shallow depth of field tough one i hope im right with this assignment 😕

    Duncan Rawlinson


    How are you doing?

    Lesson 3 Reads like this:

    Lesson 3: Finding Depth and Motion

    This assignment will have you prove to yourself that you understand how to create motion within a photograph and create a shallow depth of field. It’s a two part assignment and will require that you upload two different photo’s to our online student grading center.

    The first photograph should be captured using a slow shutter speed on a moving subject which will create the illusion of motion within a two dimensional space.

    The second photograph should be a shot of a shallow depth of field. The objects in your foreground should be in focus while your background should be slightly blurred.

    If you don’t have manual control over your camera you should reverse the rules for the second photograph.

    If you don’t have manual control of your camera your first photo should be of a fast shutter speed where you freeze a fast moving object of your choice. Most cameras that don’t have manual control have a fast shutter speed by default.

    Your second photo should be of the largest possible depth of field you can achieve. Again, most cameras that don’t have manual control of this feature are usually built to capture a large depth of field.

    Thank you for submitting these three photographs!

    Your first photograph:
    1: Crop
    You’ll notice immediately that this photo should have been much much closer. You could crop it along these lines to improve the image but next time get closer!!

    2: Sensor Dust
    Your DSLR sensor is dirty. You’ll probably see marks like this on all your photos. Get your camera serviced by a professional if you can.

    3: Background Elements
    Background elements in a photograph like this are usually a good idea. They add some depth to the frame and that’s always good.

    4: Empty space
    Many times empty space in a photography can accentuate what you want the viewer to look at. In this case there is way too much empty space. (see item 1)

    You’ve achieved a shallow depth of field in this photograph so job well done. The composition and other elements could use some improvement though.

    Your next photo is of a highway.

    (notice the sensor dust in the same place)

    This photo has a massive black area (a fence) or something and it takes away from the quality of the image. This is not a very good image and you can do better than this!!! 😕

    Your last photograph is the best of the three. It features a boy throwing some leaves and clearly shows motion.

    You’ve achieved both shallow depth of field and motion in this assignment!

    Try to shoot more photographs of people in motion like your last photo. This is by far the best of the three.

    Job well done.

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