Lesson #3 Assignment

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    [attachment=1:301yz3bo]Lesson 3 Photo #1.JPG[/attachment:301yz3bo][attachment=0:301yz3bo]Lesson 3 Photo #2.JPG[/attachment:301yz3bo]

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Beautiful work on this assignment.

    Our main expectation from you with this assignment was a technical one. We wanted to ensure you could publish a photograph that showed your understanding of aperture and shutter speed. We wanted to see you understood the consequences of the different settings. You’ve done a great job of that with both of these photographs!

    However, you’ve also gone above and beyond and have accomplished not only the technical component of the assignment, but you’ve also incorporated strong, creative design elements as well.

    For example, both of your photographs use informal balance and abide by the rule of thirds. This helps give the images a more dramatic feel then they would have with a more formal sense of balance.

    Secondly, you’ve used a consistent color palette with both photographs. The first photograph uses gradients of earth tones such as brown, green, grey, while the second photograph uses more dramatic, highly saturated colors such as pink and green. While the first image uses analogous colors helping to create a harmonious tone, the second image uses complimentary colors which helps make the image more dramatic and vibrant. Both images are fantastic, but they both stimulate very different emotional reactions.

    While the composition and simplicity is great in both images, I would have liked to see you experiment a little more with lighting. The lighting you’ve used is fairly flat (overhead?). shadows are seductive and help create the illusion of three dimensions. They also help give depth, create a strong sense of mood and pull out the natural texture in an environment. I would have loved to see you experiment with more directional (i.e. side lighting) in these environments. I think the results would have been spectacular.

    Overall though, fantastic work!

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