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    For this assignment, I went down to the strip (I live in Las Vegas) and attempted a photo of the bellagio fountains, however the wind & weather interfered with my vision…so this is what happened instead!



    And this is the centerpiece on my coffee table


    Duncan Rawlinson

    Hey Kaeli,

    These photos are nice and you’ve met the criteria for this assignment.

    You have achieved a nice slow shutter image and a shallow depth of field image.

    These are both nice image.

    Be aware that your slow shutter photos at night are interesting but they are both a bit chaotic.

    This is a common problem. The night photos you have taken achieve the technical requirements of the assignment but the photos themselves are not really about anything. Las Vegas is one of the most colorful cities in the world at night. Take advantage of that and shoot something in particular.

    In these night images the composition could be improved and they could feature something instead of a little of everything.

    Now your shallow depth of field image on the other hand is quite lovely.

    It has nice texture, color, and lovely shallow depth of field.

    The only thing I don’t like in this image is the black line along bottom.

    Overall I think your work is improving but I want you to step it up and not only achieve the requirements of the assignments but also make excellent photographs while you’re doing it!

    Nice work!


    Thank you for the feedback! I agree with the chaotic-ness of the photo, but I guess that was part of my goal in the photo. I wanted to show the chaos that is the strip. I will try to focus on something more concrete the next time.


    ok, after reading lesson 6, I understand more of what you are saying about the night photo. The next time I have a babysitter, I plan to try again! Thanks again.

    Duncan Rawlinson


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