Lesson 3 Assignment – Depth of Field

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    Assignment 3 – depth of field

    Duncan Rawlinson

    This is exactly what this assignment called for you to do. Wonderful work.

    In your first image you’ve captured the illusion of depth by using strong lines, but also by using a shallow depth of field. This has helped you isolate your main layer of focus / interest.

    In your second and third image you’ve either provided the sense of movement, or have decided to freeze movement in time. All of the images have strong technical attributes to them.

    However, the images are also very strong from a compositional standpoint. In your first image, the woman’s hand acts as a sort of “leading line” bringing the viewer’s eye into the photograph. Generally speaking leading lines from the bottom right corner are always very helpful in helping the audience to navigate into the photograph.

    The only change I would make to this photograph would be to splash more light on the subject’s hands. I think lighting is a little flat in this image and I think the composition calls for something a little brighter.

    Both of the movement shots are very well composed as well. I especially like how you’ve managed to capture a wide tonal range in your black and white photograph. You’ve really managed to either capture dark blacks, or crunch your blacks in post production, while at the same time incorporation vibrant whites. Great work.

    You’ll be learning more about black and white photography in and upcoming lesson but for now, just know that this photograph has many of the technical attributes that audience’s look for in a black and white photograph.

    Again, great work!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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