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    my daughter was running and being silly.. the fisrt picture is of her running in the hallway of the house,, and the second picture she was striking a pose for the camera….

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Great work.

    You’ve accomplished exactly what we wanted you to accomplish with this assignment. You’ve essentially shown your understanding of both proper use of shutter speed and aperture control.

    In your first image you’ve effectively softened your background which has helped guide the viewer’s attention to your foreground. Using this technique you’ve isolated your main subject from the background and you’re telling your audience where your story is located.

    Your second image is equally as strong. You can see the frozen movement of the young subject. However, we see that the movement is frozen from visual cues. For example, her hair seems to be in a position of change (as if she’s hurriedly walking), and her hands are in a position that also support their theory. Yet, there is illusion of movement (i.e. no blurring). You’ve decided to use a quick shutter speed to freeze a moment in time and keep the movement that does exist in sharp focus. Great work.

    My only concerns with the image are compositional concerns. For instance, in your first photograph my main concerns are 1. That your object is too centered (formal balance) and 2. that your backgrounds is slightly sloping. When there are visual elements in the background that don’t line up with the top frame of the photograph, it gives the image a “slanted” look which often looks accidental. Do you see how the blinds running horizontally slope downwards to the left making the background look uneven?

    You could either use and even shallower depth of field to get rid of that issue or try repositioning your camera to line up the lines. It’s common to see this mistake with horizon lines as well, so just be cautious of this.

    In your second image the balance is slightly less formal (which I like) and your lines are straight (which I also like).

    Overall, great work! I look forward to seeing your next assignment.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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