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    Duncan Rawlinson

    Great photograph for this assignment. A polarizing filter works great with your chosen landscape because there is ample blue sky visible which helps exaggerate the blue in the sky. However, I must say that I think you could have pushed the blues a little darker in this image. On most polarizing filters you can adjust the effect of the filter by turning the adjustment on the filter. However, not all filters have this feature, but most polarizing filters do. By turning the dial on the filter slightly you can help create more contrast in the shot and help adjust the vibrant color of the blue sky.

    From a composition standpoint this image is well composed. You’ve abided by the rule of thirds and you’ve even included a leading line in the right side of the image (the small wall). My only concern with the image is that is it slightly flat. There is very little depth to the image. Most of the objects are found in the background with some images being found in the mid-ground. However, the objects in the middle-ground and background are fairly close together which creates a flat look. Try incorporating depth into your images by using strong foreground objects. This is often a key to great landscape photographs. Also try to compose images that have strong middle-grounds and backgrounds. It also helps to have a main object of focus. This way the eye can rest on an object while it’s not exploring the rest of the photograph.

    Other than that, I think you’re off to a great start!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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