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    using polarized filter



    Duncan Rawlinson

    Both of these photographs are incredibly beautiful. Great work.

    So many photographic elements are present in each of these two photographs. One of the most present elements in each of these photographs is the use of lines and therefore shape. The first photograph uses dilapidated straight lines which give it an older feel. Lines that were likely once straight now have slight bends and dents. It helps give your photograph a very nice aged look.

    Your second image uses slightly curved lines. The curves create the small mountains and they also create the shoreline below. The result is a more subtle curved environment.

    Beyond lines and shapes, the colors in both photographs jump out at me. They are very well organized and your color palette in both images strengthen the overall tone of each image. Your first image uses gradients of colors ranging from red to blue. These are normally complimentary colors which give a dramatic look to a photograph. However, due to the de-saturated gradients, the image is aged and lacks the dramatic colors that were likely present in the past. The colors in this photograph are beautiful.

    Your second image is more complicated, but no less organized. The colors are spectacular! Great job. Your composition along with your use of a strong foreground, middle ground and background give this image an incredibly beautiful composition.

    My only concern is with your camera’s ability to handle dynamic range. Your whites are blown out and I feel it really detracts from the photographs.

    I need you to read this article on our blog: it will help you understand this issue with more clarity:


    In both images, the issue is in the clouds.

    Other that that… spectacular work!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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