Lesson 4

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    I used an ultraviolet filter for this picture.

    Duncan Rawlinson

    Great work!

    When you’re completing your assignments, it’s important that you carry the lessons and ideas from your previous lectures forward to incorporate the previously learned ideas into your new photographs. You’ve been doing a great job of that.

    This assignment asked you to experiment with filters, and you’ve managed to do so much more than that.

    Most impressively is your photograph’s control over color. Your color palette has been simplified to gradients of blue and then highlights of pink. These two colors make up the majority of your composition. Both colors appear highly saturated and because of this they give the image a very bright and lively feel. Highly saturated pink is a very dramatic color and when placed beside blue the contrast is quite dramatic. Great work.

    My main concern with this photograph is the bottom wall of the composition. I’m not sure why you decided not to include the bottom section of the water toy. I find this amputation a little distracting because it looks unintentional. You have a lot of “negative space” above the head of your subject so I’m not sure why you didn’t eat into that a little more so you could include the bottom of the water toy.

    Alternatively if you didn’t like the bottom of the toy I would have considered moving in closer to capture the emotion of your subject. That way you could have intentionally amputated the toy and it would have been an enhancing feature because it would have been done intentionally in order to bring your audience closer to the emotion of your subject.

    Other than that… great photograph!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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