Lesson 4: Assignment

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    Assignment Title: Your favorite filter

    This assignment was really hard for me to get because I just couldn’t find the right scene, theme, shoot and enviroment overall.
    This picture was taken on a highway going from Virginia to West Virginia, I think I took it at the right spot and the right time and the yellow filter enhances the colors in a very nice and calm way.

    Thank you


    Duncan Rawlinson

    That is a very nice look to your photograph. You’re right; the yellow filter does create a nice subtle glow to the photograph. Overall, your photograph possesses many of the compositional ingredients that are necessary to make a picture pleasant to look at.

    You’ve done a great job of using shapes and lines in this photograph. In fact I would say that those are your two primary compositional elements in this shot. Color also plays an important role, but it’s secondary to the lines and shapes in your photograph. You’ve managed to find an interesting curve shape in your photograph. Its placement in the photograph is great because it’s positioned in such a way that leads your viewer’s eyes into the photograph as the road comes up from the bottom left hand corner of the frame. After your viewer’s eyes have entered the photograph they have ample elements to rest their eyes on, whether than be the trees in the background, or the other road running through the center of the photograph.

    Your photograph is weighted very informally with most of the weight of the photograph on the left hand side (with the tree and the bulk of the cement on that side). This helps create a dramatic and off-balance look.

    In fact, one of my only concerns about this photograph is that the road running through the center of the photograph is too centered. Everything else is slightly off balanced and I think it may have been interesting to place your horizon line on the bottom third of the photograph to include more of the tree. However, in order to capture the curvature of the road, you would have had to take the photograph from further back. I think changing the position of your horizon line would have helped further the dramatic feel to this photograph and kept the off balance theme consistent.

    Either way, it’s still a good photograph. I’m glad to see you’re using lines and shapes as a primary element. There are harder elements to recognize and compose into your photograph, but you’ve done a wonderful job using them in your shot!

    Great work.

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